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Improve Your Crop Yield & Production.

High-yielding crops have a greater requirement for nutrients. A lack of boron is the most widespread of all crop deficiencies, affecting yields of alfalfa, coffee, and many other crops. New technologies must be embraced and best management practices implemented. Better fertilization techniques and the use of Ulexandes-USA products will improve nutrient solubility, yields, and the availability of crops worldwide.


Nature Crop Yield Development.

Seaweed (kelp) remains a scientifically proven, natural, cost-effective, biodegradable agri-input that improves crop health and yields. Seaweeds naturally increase chemical messenger levels required for intracellular communication. This not only stimulates a stronger root development, it increases water utility efficiency and aids in overcoming environmental stressors. The result is healthier plants that are less susceptible to disease. When combined with a proper fertilizer plan, kelp extract improves crop production, quality and shelf life.



Powering Industry.

Ulexandes-USA’s borates are a critical cross-linker used in fracking fluids by the oil industry. Borates maintain fluid viscosity as temperature rises. Borate-cross-linked fluids are guar-based fluids cross-linked with boron ions (from aqueous borax/boric acid solution). These gels have higher viscosity at pH 9 and higher and are used to carry proppants. Boron’s many industrial applications include the production of glass and ceramics. Boron compounds create glass with greater strength and breakage resistance in comparison to ordinary soda lime glass. Boron polymers and ceramics meet specialized needs as high-strength lightweight structural and refractory materials. Boron is also used in water treatment and as a wood preserver.



Keep Your Fertilizer Flowing.

GREEN-COAT products are concentrated vegetable-based coating agents with 0% humidity, providing superior Dust Control and Anti-Caking over traditional petroleum based products. GREEN-COAT products have been successfully tested and applied on all types of commodity and specialty fertilizers.

Unlike traditional petroleum based products, GREEN-COAT products suppress dust by binding to the surface of  the granule, providing a hygroscopic barrier, thus preventing the transfer of moisture and formation of caking.

GREEN-COAT products will suppress dust encountered by multiple handlings or during long periods of storage.


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